Buy Cafecito a coffee


Hey 👋Irma here the founder of Cafecito.

I currently run Cafecito a community platform for remote workers completely free. We don't want to create barriers for folks who are just getting started working from or folks who have been working from home during this time with COVID-19. All of your matches will be virtual and you can meet them for lunch or coffee. 

I'd love your support if you can. I'm running this on my own and this would be super helpful to keep Cafecito alive.

So, what will your donation go towards?

- Monthly payment for Zapier, which handles emails and notifications sent to new sign-ups

- Third-party mailing services, which handles the weekly automated emails we send asking for member availability

- Amazon Web Services, which is currently in development to support our databases

- Coffee beans for myself and my partner as we work on Cafecito part-time

Thank you always and stay safe.