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    I am a visual artist making sculptural memorials and collaborative installation works inspired by my personal experiences and research. I invite people to participate in my grief rituals and contribute to my projects either on their own or in company with others at my free workshops. My goal is provide opportunities for people to connect and find healing, while creating awareness, breaking down stigma, and normalizing open dialog around grief and loss. 

    It is difficult for less traditional artists like myself, who make socially engaged or sculpture/installation work, to make a living from their artwork. On top of that, grief support organizations often provide their services free of charge. As a result, my work as an artist, grief ambassador, and support group/event facilitator usually goes uncompensated. However, I am not in it for the money. I do these things because I think they are important, because I care and am passionate about what I do. 

    Your support will help me continue my research, spread the word about my projects, and offer my services free of charge to those who find it beneficial to their healing and journey through grief.