Basics In Tech is a tech-focus media website for amateur tech consumers and newbies that want to learn about gadgets and tech-driven devices in layman's term.

It is where we educate people on how they can improve the functionality of their tech devices, and how they can secure their privacy on social media. For amateurs that are just boarding the tech space, Basics In Tech is a place where you can learn the basics about tech in a simplified digestible format.

It is where important questions about different functionalities of tech devices are answered. was launched in October 2021 for the purpose of helping both the youth and the adult get detailed information about latest trending gadgets and newly-released technology products.

Basics In Tech is open to everyone. For any suggestions, questions, additions, requests, or comments, you can directly contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. Message sent will be read (and reply if necessary).

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