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Hello and woof woof. I am Callum, a 11 month old, very handsome Border Collie and I am writing this blog for my human who is autistic and not comfortable writing as herself. 

These stories will be her stories, just from my pup point of view. Also expect to see lots of pictures of me as I grow up!

My human is going through a tough time so this blog is also to help her not lose her home. 
Thank you for reading and bless you for helping.

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Someone bought 5 pup treats.

Lots of love and appreciation to you Auntie Susan for your generous donation. Love, Callum

Someone bought 5 pup treats.

Woof woof! Thank you so much Carol. Very much appreciated. I'm a sorry boy I'm late in thanking you. Love, Callum

Someone bought 3 pup treats.

Woof woof! Thank you for much appreciated donation Aunty Susan. Love, Callum

Someone bought 5 pup treats.

Callum, wishing you and your human A Happy, Healthy, Happy and Joyful Christmas.   Love Your two legged friend and fan,Betty Sue

Thank you so much Betty Sue for your generous donation and beautiful Christmas greeting for me and my human. Me and my human hope you have a Happy, Healthy and Joyful Christmas too. Your name always puts a smile on my puppy face. It reminds me of my Aunty Susan and my Grandma. Two people who are very special to me and my human. ❤️ ❤️ 

Stuart Moss
Stuart Moss bought 3 pup treats.

Love your story, love your dog. Chin up and stay strong.. Good luck xx

Hi Stuart! Thank you so much for your kind words and for your generous donation. Both are very much appreciated. ❤️