Woof Woof! It's me Callum the handsome blog writing border collie back with another blog. I was trying to think about what to bark about then it popped into my doggy head that
I should do an interview with my cousin. No he's not a border collie like me he's a budgie.

Actually, I have two budgie cousins. I also have a rat cousin, a crab cousin and some fishy cousins.

Today though I am just going to interview my budgie cousin Raziel.

Callum: Hello Raziel, I won't take up too much of your time, I know you're a busy budgie. You have a very interesting name, can you tell my readers about the origins of your name?

Raziel:  Oh, hello there Callum.  I believe my human named me after an angel called Raziel who is considered important angel and a keeper of secrets.

Callum: That's very interesting. My human thinks all animals are angels. I know you were hatched here in Canada but where do budgies like yourself originally come from? 

Raziel:  Well, our proper name is actually Budgerigar but people call us budgie for short.  Some people also call us parakeets.  Our natural home is Australia.  

Callum: I've never been to Australia but I have heard some border collies here in Canada come from there. I know your diet is much different than mine. What kind of foods do you like to eat to keep yourself  in tip top budgie shape?

Raziel:  Well I mostly eat special budgie bird seed mix, but I also enjoy millet as well as some veggies like kale or dandelion leaves.  My brother and I really don't like strawberries.  Most terrifying thing ever!! 

Callum: That does sound healthy. I know you're a green budgie and your brother Zaphkiel is a blue budgie. Do budgies come in any other colours?

Raziel:  Oh I am not sure, there are so many possibilities.  I believe that the green and yellow ones like me are the ones you are more likely to find in the wild. With breeding though there are hundreds of variations, although I believe that blues and greens and yellows are common themes. 

Callum: Border Collies like me don't come in such bright colours.  Amazing!