Hi it's me Callum your friendly doggy blog writing friend. I am back this week with another blog to share with you.
This week I would like to bark about anxiety which affects autistic people a lot as well as non autistic people. It even affects doggies like me as well as other animals.
I can tell when my human is feeling anxious. Normal everyday things can make her feel anxious, like loud music and other loud noises and even some not too loud 

When too much information from the outside world is coming at my human that will make her feel anxious too.
My human processes information differently, probably like  most autistic people do.
That's why when you're communicating with an autistic person it's best to take it slow and give them time to understand what you're saying.
Autistic people like my human aren't being difficult they're being the only way they know how to be. I always try to be patient with my human and she always tries to be patient with me. Everyone has weaknesses and challenges, you humans need to be more patient with each other.
I never judge other doggies unless I've walked in their paw steps, because I never know what they've been through.
Some doggies have had a hard life, they need me to be their friend and not to judge them. I'm always a happy friendly boy when I meet other doggies and people, I like to show them how excited I am to meet them.

I really have to stop jumping around so much in all my excitement though, my human says that jumping up isn't a good thing to do. What does she know though she's never been a dog.

If you suffer from anxiety there's lots of things you can do to help ease it. My human has started doing deep breathing exercises to help her with her anxiety. She is grateful to her very good friend for recommending them to her.

Animals like me can't do deep breathing exercises but all humans should do them whether they suffer from anxiety or not. Do a search on the benefits of deep breathing and you'll see
it has lots of benefits.

Aroma therapy and Bach flower remedies also help with anxiety. Just do a quick search to find the one that would help you the most. What works for one person might not work for another. I myself am taking a bach flower remedy to help me be calm and not so hyper. It hasn't started working yet but from what my human tells me natural remedies take longer to work but they're better for you. 

​Other things you can do to help with your anxiety are to listen to relaxing music or watch relaxing videos which you can find on youtube. Getting sunshine and fresh air and exercise helps too.

There's nothing better then going for a walk out in nature and taking in all the beautiful scenery.

Speaking of going for walkies my human is working on getting me to be better behaved on my leash. I have to remember not to pull and to remind myself that I am just out to enjoy a walk and that I'm not in a race to the finish line!

The way I walk now on my leash causes my human anxiety so I really have to work harder at walking nicely on my leash.

Time for me to go play. I hope you all found what I wrote helpful. I'm only a puppy so I am not that knowledgeable about too much stuff yet but I will learn more as
I grow up!

Bye for now. I'll be back next week to bark at you some more. Take care and spend some time patting a kitty or a doggy because that helps with anxiety to.
Your handsome blog writing friend
Callum the border collie