Hi it's me Callum!

I've been a busy pup, playing fetch and tug of war but now I'm back on the computer ready to write my next blog!

I have been thinking to my puppy self about the disability benefits my human
gets from the government because of her autism.

When my human's mom was still alive they had enough to get by, just barely.

It is shocking how much my human is expected live on.
She isn't even allowed to get any of the special Covid-19 benefits.

I've heard about something called taxes that governments collect, they probably take in billions of dollars. There's tax on almost everything. There's even tax on my food and my toys. 

With all that money they take in can't they could do more to support 
people with disabilities who are unable to work through no fault of their own?
It makes me a sad pup knowing there are people out there like my human living in poverty while the people in government can vote themselves a raise whenever they want.

If the government wants more money they just raise the taxes and people pay it.
If a big company is losing money the government will just throw money at them.

If my human asked the government for more money they would tell her she can't have any more. 

​I would love to see them live on what my mom and other people with disabilities live on!

​You know things would be a lot more fair if kitties and doggies like me ran the government. Just look at us with those sad people eyes and lots of rewards (money) will come your way.

That's what I do when I want my mom to give me something; I just give her my sad puppy look. It works every time!
Unfortunately though kitties and doggies aren't allowed to be voted into government office.

It really rubs my fur the wrong way knowing there are people out there who can't enjoy their lives because they are worried about not being able to pay their mortgage or their rent or their bills.

​Every year the rent where I live goes up.
They take in a lot of money but it's never enough, they always want more. If the mortgage companies, the rental companies and the utility companies weren't so greedy and were satisfied taking in a little less money it would make life a lot easier for people with disabilities and other low income people.
I guess I'm dreaming to think that people can be more important than greed.

Me and my human aren't greedy at all.  My human does not go out at all.  Not to the movies, not a restaurant, not even to the amusement park  She does not drink or smoke or do any bad things like that.  we just want enough money to live on.

Just enough money to pay the rent and bills and to afford groceries.


My human, just does not want to lose her home.  Is that greedy? 

​If the government took care of our needs I wouldn't be here writing this blog asking the generous people out there to help us out.

If you haven't read my first blog please read it.

It tells mine and my mom's story and explains why we're asking for help. Some day when me and my mom are better off we'll pay it forward to someone in a similar situation to ours because we know how hard it is.

Callum Border Collie and his Autistic Human say hello.

My pup butt 
is getting sore sitting here on this hard chair so I'm going to say bye for now, I need to go stretch my puppy legs. Blessings and puppy kisses to you all. See you next week. ​