Hi it's me your friend Callum the border collie here to bark with you all some more. I was just barking with my human about what Christmas was like with her mom. My human loved Christmas with her mom and the rest of her family.
I think Christmas time bought out the kid in my human more than any other time of the year. Maybe it's because she never lost the magic of Christmas that she had when she was a little kid.
The magic isn't there as much now, now that her mom is no longer in her physical body Christmas is harder on my human.
She misses hearing the Christmas carols her mom played on the piano and singing along with her.
She misses hearing her mom coming down the stairs on Christmas Eve saying Ho Ho Ho and pretending to be Santa to amuse my human.

Christmas is also hard for my human because she lost her previous doggy three weeks before Christmas in 2019.
From what my human tells me it sounds like he loved Christmas a whole lot.
I wish I could have been there to see how excited he was to open his presents on Christmas morning.

I was an impressed doggy to hear that he never tried to open anyone else's presents except his own.

Barking of opening someone else's presents my human was telling me about when she was little she use to get up super early on Christmas morning.

Well one Christmas morning she got up early before everyone else and among all the presents there was a big box.

My human was so excited to see such a big present that she just had to open it even though it wasn't for her.
After she opened it she went to wake her sister up saying "come and see what
you got. You got an Easy Bake Oven! "

My human thought my sister was so lucky to get that. She did finally get one of her own but it wasn't has nice has the one her sister had.

Another funny Christmas memory that my human and her mom got much of a laugh out of his when my Uncle David made a Christmas stocking in school.

I'm laughing to my doggy self as I'm typing this. My human tells me he did a good job on making the Christmas stocking except for the fact he sewed up the opening so there was no way for Santa to put anything in his stocking.
I can imagine how frustrated Santa must have felt.

Oh and I can't forget about Christmas baking. My human use to love helping her mom with the Christmas baking. They usually made vegan Nanaimo bars together.
My human was telling me how yummy they were.

Unfortunately though because they have chocolate in them I wouldn't have been able to try them if I was around then.

Luckily though I have been able to try my Auntie Susan's Christmas baking. My Auntie Susan is a pawsome baker and when she does bake she always considers me.

Well that's all my barks for now. My human's mom and her previous doggy will be with us in spirit on Christmas which my human much appreciates but she says it's just
not the same as having them here in their physical bodies.

I'm crossing my paws and hoping Christmas isn't too hard on my human this year. This Christmas will be exactly two years and two months since my human lost her mom and three years and three weeks since she lost her previous doggy.

​I sure wish Santa could bring them back to my human.

Until next time take good care of yourselves and stay happy and healthy.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie

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