Hi it's me Callum the adorable Border Collie puppy, back with a new blog about my Autistic human
I was just reminiscing with my human about the time that her brother's friend came to the old house, before the mean developers tore it down.
Her brother and his friend were out in the yard having a great time tossing a ball around. My human's mom even joined in.
My human said that just stood in the window and watched. She wanted so badly to join in on the fun.
It brought a tear to my doggy eye.

My mom told me she felt like she was watching the world from the outside, a world where she felt like she didn't belong.

My human's story made me realize that what may seem easy for some is not easy for others. You never know what challenges other people or doggies face. That incident inspired my human to write a poem which I will share below (with her permission of course.)I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 

The Fence Gets Higher 

​​You paved a path of which I'm to follow, but I am not able
I see what you do
I know what I'm suppose to do
but I can't
I see you laughing and talking
may I join in?
The fence gets higher
I just stand back and watch
I see you having fun
I want to have fun
May I join in?
The fence gets higher
I just stand back and watch
You seem to do these things with such ease
I see no signs of the difficulties I feel
I walk away
then I look again
this time I see
the hate, the hurt and the wars
and I wonder to myself

whose world is really better
mine or yours
the fence gets higher