Woof woof woof! It's your handsome blog writing friend Callum the border collie back with another blog.

​I'm going to bark about things that rub my fur the wrong way.

Yes doggies like me have opinions on things. 

The first thing that comes to my doggy mind that really rubs my fur the wrong way is how when a mom kitty or doggy has kittens or puppies, they are referred to as a litter.

Referring to kittens and puppies with a word that also means garbage is hitting below the collar.

Kitties and doggies like me are very offended by that word. Litter is something you throw away. You should never throw kitties and doggies away.

I am a sad boy to bark that some bad humans do that. They abandon their kitties and doggies because they no longer want them. Bringing a kitty or doggy into your family should be a lifelong commitment.

​We want to be thought of as important family members who you love and cherish unconditionally. Sure us kitties and doggies might have behavior problems but that's no reason to drop us off at a shelter or anywhere else.

My human's mom accepted her autism, she would have never dreamt of getting rid of her. Her mom accepted and loved her just the way she was and that's exactly what your furry children want.

I am going to be a firm boy and put my paw down and ask you to please stop referring to families of kittens and puppies as litters.

Next on my list of things that rub my fur the wrong way is people saying that kitties and doggies don't understand English.

We can't speak English but we can learn to understand it. I'm sure you've all heard of the border
collie who learned all the names of her toys.

Us kitties and doggies are a lot smarter than some of you humans give us credit for. 

And other thing that really rubs my fur the wrong way is how you humans assume that kitties and doggies like me love unconditionally. 

I am here to bark the truth. Yes we accept and love you flaws and all but we don't love you unconditionally.  If you neglect or abuse us. We don't love you if you leave us out in the yard and never bring us inside.

I'm barking about this because I don't want bad humans to think they can treat us badly
and still think that we will love them.

Kitties and  doggies and other animals know they deserve better than that, every living being deserves better than that. 

Last on my list of things that rub my fur the wrong way is why can't furry children like me be claimed as dependents on income tax forms.

After all we are very dependent on our humans to provide us with food and shelter and
all of our other needs.

I was thinking to my doggy self if there was such a thing as a furry family member monthly allowance to help with the expenses of having a furry family member maybe more people would welcome a  kitty or doggy or another animal into their family.

​That would mean having less kitties and doggies and other animals in rescues and shelters which would be a very good thing. 

That's all my barks for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog I really appreciate it. I will be back to bark with you soon.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie