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I am a handweaver based in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland.

As well as hosting classes in my fully-equipped studio in a refurbished jute mill, I travel to Guilds and groups around the UK to teach the art and craft of weaving. Through my Warp Space blog I offer resources to help novice and intermediate weavers develop creative confidence at the loom.

While my teaching engagements are cancelled, I'm sharing 'lemonade weaves'. Let's turn the lemons of self-isolation and limited resources into the lemonade of creative projects.

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Nice blog! 

Glad you’re enjoying it! And many thanks for your support 😊

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I so look forward to your blogs and am learning lots.  When this is over I certainly will be booking a course. 

Thank you so much, Claire! I really appreciate your support 🙏🍋

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Enjoying your blogs, thanks.

Glad to hear it, Lorna! Thanks for your support 😊