I started drawing on a regular(ish) basis in the later half of 2019. I started off with 34 sketches based on CliftonStrengths "themes," then a series on "wisdom imparted by Day[9]," and a series on "career advice I wish I had." I loved all three projects and I hope to make more illustrations in all those areas over time.

After about a year of drawing, I think I have a better idea of what exactly I want to express, and how: I am working towards producing my first zine about some career advice I really wish I had.

The "career advice I wish I had" on my website is about how to start finding your own direction, but this “career advice I really wish I had” (for a lack of a better title 😂) is about how to get back on your feet after you realize you’re in a psychologically unsafe workplace. I experienced it a couple times and I know what mistakes led me there, so this is my attempt to prevent other people like me from entering such workplaces, and to provide some resources for people who found themselves stuck in a psychologically unsafe workplace already.

For a long time, I had been hesitant to do this because I thought: "but this won’t work for everyone." But it might work for one other person. And there's no way I'm reaching that person if I don't do anything. So here I am.

(Last but not least: as a member, you will get to see my progress as I attempt to build my first zine!)