Back in February, I said I started working on my first zine, and 4 months later today I'm happy to say that I'm halfway there! ...Well, in terms of pages. I have 12 pages completed out of 24 pages. I will probably do some rewriting/redrawing/rearranging after I finish all 24 pages, but for now I'll celebrate the milestone of reaching 12 pages.

Although this is a small-scale zine and not a full-on book, I was initially very anxious about whether or not I could take on a project of this size (making the announcement publicly was a way to motivate myself), while working on a full-time job and additional things here and there. All my previous illustration projects have been pretty much single illustrations so they can be completed in one sitting or a few sittings maximum. So I am feeling a little more confident that I can work on bigger-sized projects if I break them into bite-sized pieces and focus on one small thing at a time. I shouldn't say much until I actually finish making the zine! 😅 Back to it.