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hey, there ... 🤗 i create/produce content, creating mostly as a writer - mostly plays, primarily for the stage, but my 1st screenplay won best feature script! how about that? 😉💜

i also have a few books, with the next one on the way in about a month or so
been creating since i was a kid, and i STILL am thrilled to my toes (just like the 1st time 😉) when people express how much my work inspires and intrigues them. i am also incredibly grateful to all of my supporters who faithfully do so in so many ways

if you’re new to my work, thank you for learning more about me and what i do (links below - candi dugas & assoc website, Broadway Brunch & Bistro™ website, Wild + Free FB page, and Desire's Kiss website, respectively)

whether new or not-so-new 😉, THANK YOU for supporting my artistry via “a cup of coffee” – y’all are the BEST! 🤗