Buy Canliberk a coffee


Who I Am?

My name is Canberk, normally a guy with a boring job that creates mods & mod collections for video games as a hobby at the moment!

I also offer free support to all collection users and maintain a great community with 3000+ members on our Discord Server that i've built from scratch. Of course, it is all free.

Why Donate?

This is not my main job and i am spending all my week-ends to create stuff for you guys. All for free.

Currently, due to nexus policies, collection curators have no benefits at all for their efforts.

With your helps i aim to cover the expenses i endured so far and be able to cover the next ones. I am not even mentioning the 300+ hours i've spent on this collection to make it easy to install and another 300+ hours i spent on people i tried to support on discord and on nexus.

What Do I Get If I Donate?

All donators that even donate 1 coffee or more, will get permanent access to the channel "donators lounge" on our discord server FOREVER, where we'll be discussing the future of my work. 

Donators of 5 coffees or more will have credits on my next works

Donators of 10 coffees or more will have credits on even main menus. You'll also be able to have private sessions with me along with other high tier donators about how to improve what we have :)

Members (even the lowest, 1€ membership) get additional benefits and discord roles + massive discounts on yearly memberships.

Donations and memberships are completely voluntary. All my work on nexus & my support for them is free and easily accessible for those who can not afford.

What Is Next?

Helping me financially will allow me to do these in future:

Video instructions for downloading and running this collectionMaintain a free support philosophy, without any donation walls ever. Regular server events Livestreams of creating stupid mods Recording Youtube videos of collection reviews Publishing Youtube videos of stupid mod ideas and creations Create guides on how to create mods and collections Create video tutorials on how to build your own collections