I've been thinking about how to get more exclusive content over here but I have been pretty down in the dumps lately. Mostly, it's my own head and a little bit of life, but I know I got what it takes to get through this with my head up. In the meantime, I was trying to revisit some old coping mechanisms when I stumbled through a train of thoughts that took me to a happy place.

I used to create a ton of content when I was younger. I didn't much care what I was working on - just that I was working on something: cringy Minecraft video, marching band score, flute quartet; I was always working on a passion project. While that part of me isn't gone per say , it seems like there is a bit of a disconnect.

Long story short, I miss creating things. In a bit of a dry spell in following, I think it would be a good idea to maybe find my flow as someone who entertains again. Of course, that will be good for Can's in the long run, but I'm hoping it will be even better for me.

While that should mean more exclusive behind the scene stuff over here for you guys to get access too, it should also mean that there is a bigger community here - as well as the twitter side and cansheadphones.tech side. The one thing I've always felt grateful for about the Can's Headphones experience is meeting new people in the independent scene, and every once in a while someone who is a fan of my work. So keep on telling your friends, and I'll keep yelling at strangers, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces around.