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Carm Capriotto here, the aftermarket podcast guy, and I'm connecting aftermarket professionals willing to share their wisdom so we all rise to new levels of success.

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The aftermarket's premier podcast has over 650 episodes over three unique show types. Remarkable Results, Town Hall Academy and For The Record.

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Happy to support such a remarkable person, endeavor and one who represents our industry! Thanks for all you do Carm!

Vic, I know how hard you give back. Thanks for the coffee's, feed the habit, and the kind words. Encouragement abounds! Carm

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Keep up the great work! Looking forward to someday meeting you at one of the Industry Events!

Mike, Thanks so much for the Java. I do hope we can meet in person someday. Carm

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Thank's Carm for all you do for the shop owners!

Thanks again Donnie for seeing the value that the podcasts bring to the aftermarket. C

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Carm, you are such an asset to the shop owner community. Keep up the great work

Neil, Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you find our podcasts an asset to you and the industry. Carm

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Appreciate what you bring!!

Claude, Thanks so much for the cups. I will drink French Roast. Working hard to bring the best voices to all aftermarket professionals. Thanks for the kind words.