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KEITH WILLIAMSON bought 5 coffees.

Great podcasts. Great guests! Even Greater host

Keith so honored to have you as a friend and peer in the industry. Such kind words. I'm glad you see value in what we do here at the podcast. Continued success. thanks for the French Roast. Carm

Joseph Marconi
Joseph Marconi bought 5 coffees.

Amazing information and amazing guests.  What a wealth of information! I learn something each time I listen. 

Joe, thanks so much for the kind words. It is nice to have a respected shop owner, trainer and coach bring notice of the powerful content we give the industry each week. You helped start off this great aftermarket asset way back in episode 11. I'll tip a cup of French Roast your way. Carm

Jeffrey Furrow
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Phil Westrick
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Phil, thanks so much for your support of my French Roast habit. Can't do an interview without my coffee. And the stories just keep on coming. Grateful, Carm

Dwayne Myers
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Carm I just wish we could enjoy this coffee together. I appreciate you brother!

Yes, Dwayne hanging with you just talking with a great cup-a-French Roast. Those days will be back and we will relish them. Thanks so much and thanks for all you've done for the industry via the podcast. You are always there paying it forward. Grateful.