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Jun 21, 2022

The Case For Reading Fiction

Jun 16, 2022

Learning Through Graphic Novels and Comics

Paves the Way for a Deeper Understanding of Metaphors, Symbolisms and Point-Of-ViewsAnnie is an information and security analyst and member of the Shoreditch WorkLife Book Club. She is an avid fan of superhero films and graphic novels. She attributes this to her love of comic books, which began as a child. She can still clearly remember eagerly awaiting the new plot twists and turns the characters in her weekly comic book would encounter and how they would navigate through... more

Jun 09, 2022

Do You Believe in Love at First Page?

February a Valentine’s Month Filled With Blind Dates With a BookSharp cuts to local authority funding, alongside sharp staff and funding shortfalls, had placed the community library at risk of closure. The decline in spending on stocking the bookshelves, together with the loss of permanent staff, brought about a decline in people visiting the library. Pascal, a management consultant who also manages the pro bono management consultancy arm of his company (founded to help... more

Jun 02, 2022

I Trust You, Make the Call

These Six Words Saved Charlie and Helped Him Change His WorkLifeCharlie’s Story: A Case Study:Charlie had been an investment banker, but he lost his job, and then he became homeless. He had been living a life outside of his means and had incurred significant debt, partly due to his extravagant lifestyle and partly due to his addiction to gambling. He had hidden all of this both at work and at home from his wife, but when his debtors caught up with him, his home, car and everything he... more

May 31, 2022

6 Tips to Help You Craft Great Opening Lines That Hook Your Audience the Moment You Begin

Many Stories Grow From a Single Sentence - Part 1 ... Success Tells The Story ...INTRODUCTION The opening line to your story can be simple, eloquent, informative, contradictory, startling, thrilling, curious, suspenseful … But it should propose a contract to your audience: If you keep listening, I’ll tell you a certain kind of story.In this lesson, you will take time to think about an intriguing way to begin your Success Story.You will learn to craft the... more

May 26, 2022

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Lulu Believed Flowers Had Saved Her LifeLulu’s Story: A Case StudyWhile recovering from a serious illness, she had stayed with her good friend Adam. Adam worked as a cleaner at a local hospital and each day he’d arrive home with flowers that patients had left behind on leaving hospital. With what little energy she had, Lulu began to arrange these flowers in a beautiful way, and soon her bedroom became a sanctuary. In doing this, Lulu began to regain her strength, causing her to... more

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