To Give People an Understanding Into What the Chapter Was About. To Open Their Thinking without Telling Them How or What to Think

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Chapter #21 Respect and Trust Yourself

Quote #21 “Respect is the greatest motivator” Carmel O’ Reilly

Followed by my Chapter Introduction:

I’ve always believed that respect is the greatest gift you can give to another human being, and to yourself. I’m not actually sure if I did coin the phase: ‘Respect is the greatest motivator’ but it is something that I live my life by, it’s perhaps my most important value.

As a WorkLife Learning Practitioner and Writer, I know the importance of serving people’s preferred learning style. Some people like the bigger picture — quotes allow that. Other people like more detail — the chapter introductions allow that.

I like the bigger picture, to begin with, then I like detail. So I like both.

What’s your preferred learning style?

Bigger picture, more detail, or both?

First shared in my book: Your WorkLife Your Way.