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** My life is multifaceted because I have always been interested in all aspects of life and I have opened every door which life placês on my way.

 The doors of "material life" and then I became an "haute couture model" and then a "marketing manager in a multinational."

 The doors of "spirituality"  and the "existential search" and then I was initiated  and perfected the practice of "Yoga"(40 years practice /teaching now) and "Astrology"(Faculty of Astrological Studies in London) , helping quite a few people to find their way later.

I studied most religions to understand how all of them intend to communicate the same truth with just different approaches, and I now continue with a "daily spiritual practice" which  combines all this knowledge.

 I also opened the doors of "art" and studied "costume and characterization" at the Colón Theater Art Institute ... "painting" .. "dance" ... "design" ... and "jewelry" in silver, gold and precious stones becoming disciple of a Tiffany's artisan in New York.

 The doors of "language teaching" as a means of "understanding diversity" since there are many forms of expression and none of them is better than another but each one contributes to our personal enrichment and the understanding between nations.  (Spanish/English Holistic System

 "I traveled and lived in several countries", getting to know, assimilating and learning from cultural differences,

 I "reinvented myself" many times and every once in a while I revisit and delve into each of my facets.

 And now I'm definitely opening the door of "moving country" (due to weather preferences) at age 59, leaving a whole lifetime behind and "starting from scratch" again, once again turning my life 180 degrees.

And from all this multifaceted learning comes the teachings and advide I offer to everyone who asks it for. 

You may know more about me in my Instagram accounts @camen_facet @maos_amorosas @tempo2net.

I am here to share with you my knowledge. Just choose what you are needing in my “Extras” here.!

I really appreciate your support and it certainly makes a difference.

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