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We, Carnival Crab Films, are a film production company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is our wish that The Grin of Evil will establish us as a proven production company, and that it will attract fans all around the world who could enjoy this and other future projects.

The Grin of Evil is a fan-made (non-profit) web series that aims to explore the Joker's philosophy from his peculiar point of view and away from his faithful adversary.

It's a journey through what lies behind the jokes and laughs: each chapter offers a different approach of the character, who will be portrayed in various styles. A criminal genius for some, insane for others, the only thing that is clear is that you don't joke with the Joker. On the contrary, we should take him very seriously.

As fans, our main interest is to pay tribute to the characters that made a difference in our childhood and teenage years. The idea of bringing these characters and their universe to life from the vignettes is exhilarating. We feel committed to develop a creative challenge that would bring out the best of each artist, making it personal to us and to the viewers as well.