Tomorrow is Moving Day!

Feb 12, 2021

Alarm set for 6 am.

Gray and black tanks emptied and black tank flushed.

Fresh tank filled to about 2/3.

Clean water hose stowed.

Sewer hose cleaned and stowed.

Berkey water purifier emptied and cleaned.

I think we've done as much as we can today. In the morning, after we feed and walk the dogs and do our devotionals we'll secure everything, hitch up our RV (named Faith), and head toward our next campground.

We've been here at Raccoon Valley for six months. It seems longer in some ways. We didn't set out to launch RV life and then remain stationary for six months. But COVID, and just wanting to be close to family, and convenience. It just worked out that way.

So, in a way, it feels like we're just now launching our real full time RV life.

We'll be at our next campground for 3 weeks. Then go to a state park for 1 week. Then we head to Florida for three weeks.

After Florida we plan to come back to Raccoon Valley for a couple of weeks to see family again.

After that? Who knows!

It's exciting.

And a little scary.

But it's our dream and we're doing it!

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