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The idea of developing this application came up after experiencing vulnerability after a surgical procedure that did not go as expected. However, with the grace of God, I have been given one more opportunity to continue on the earth plane and be able to accomplish my projects. Carpe Diem is an application that gathers phrases from thinkers, philosophers, and writers to awaken self-reflection. As written in the book The Little Prince, "The essential is invisible to the eye, and can only be seen with the heart." The app contains over two thousand phrases selected through reading eight e-books, two print books, and several websites. My selection criteria for the phrases available in the app were straightforward: "Does this phrase make me reflect, and does this self-reflection has the potential to make me a better person?" From a database of over twenty thousand phrases, I decided to keep only 10% of them, following my selection criteria. I hope this app brings you much joy and self-reflection. "Charity is a spiritual exercise. Who practices the good puts in motion the forces of the soul." - Chico Xavier. Thank you for enabling more people to get their daily boost of positive energy. God bless you!