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Dec 09, 2022

What are YOUR policies for smartphone use while working on YOUR Retail floor?

I am so disappointed when I walk into your Store and see your Employees, head down towards their devices and not heads up towards the Retail floor and the Customer that is directly in front of them.....for the last 3 minutes.

Since your Employees have made a decision not to geet or even acknowledge me, I have made a decision not to shop in your broken store....all because of one person.

This #Culture, accountability and YOUR LazyAss acceptance to this behavior needs to change.

Take responsibility as a Manager and lead by example.

As for your Employees, Team Members and / or Associates or whatever you call them (as we know this is only the flavour of the month, they will be called THEY for the rest of this article);

1. What are YOU doing when you see this happening?

2. Is there a clear set of expectations for having a smartphone on the floor? And have they signed off on it and placed it in their file?

3. Is your entire Support / Management Team aware of your expectations and are they leading by example?

Remember the old tired saying of being in the Shadow of the Leader?

Well then, when you are on the floor and in the trenches;

⭐ Emails can wait.
⭐ TikTok can wait.
⭐ Your Store has a phone and intercom.
Use it and leave your smartpphone in the office.
⭐ Use an “oldschool” pen and paper that wll show you are actually interested in what is going on as you are physically "looking" busy taking notes.

This scourge on Retail needs to stop.

Yes, there may be a labour shortage...

... but there seems to a Virus of Acceptance going through Retail and we tend to blame them; "remember from above 😉" only because no one wants to hold someone accountable.

Once you and only you point the finger in the mirror towards yourself and pull up your pants and stand your ground on the Ugly, Terrible, Epidemic of smartphone use on on your sales floor;
I guarantee you will see an increase in your conversion and efficiency in your Store.

👉 Until then,
This won't be easy to do.
This will make you some enemies.
This will most likely create turnover.

......but who the Fricken, Fracken cares.
This is your job.
This is your Career.
This is your Bottom Line.
This is your Bonus.
This is your Reputation on the line.
This is Sparta 🤣.

“Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity.”
– Robin S. Sharma

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