Happy Halloween from all my OC's and me with this tale of magic and sweetness. Thank you for reading my stories and hope you enjoy their adventures. Much hugs from Casahana and happy reading. Now onto the story!

A sliver of moonlight shimmered in the starlit night sky. Wisps of cloud like mist obscured only the fewest of these stars adding a mystical quality to the night fitting for the celebrations that evening. What celebrations pray tell? Halloween. The age old traditional festival of costumes, pumpkins, sweets and bonfires. Where people asked the age old question of 'Trick or treat?'

On this night in the mix of the sounds of children's delighted cries and the sounds of violin music filled the air instead of that question. The crackle and the sights of the flickering flames of the bon fire being the cause of the delighted cries. Some could say the promise of fireworks was also the cause of the excitement. All the children, young and old, finely dressed in their various costumes were also dancing and playing to the music.

Samantha had opened the back garden of the estate for the event with Richard's consent. The Duke finding much pleasure in the notion of the festivities. Neither were dressed in costume but in their classic fineries. His, a three-piece black suit with a white cravat and hers a deep emerald green gown that cut low in the bodice and tight at the waist.

An exquisite lace fan was held in the vampiress's hand and she demurely fanned herself while watching the scene play out. Of the elderly stable manager Oscar, in a chef's costume playing the violin on the stone patio that overlooked the garden below where the bon fire had been set in the central fire pit. Of Madeline, dressed as Alice in Wonderland helping the Cheshire Cat Klaus serve refreshments on that same patio.

Of Thomas, dressed in his usual knight finery in the garden giving piggy back rides to some of the children who wished it of him. Of Hikaru, who had also decided against costume and wore a beautiful blue silk gown with her wings showing was also playing with the children. And finally of her uncle dancing on the patio with a certain crimson haired woman who was dressed in a strapless tiered gown of red silk, golden lace embellishments, a fine gold necklace and long silk gloves. Beautiful like a princess.

Sakura evidently had also forgone the costume idea. The consensus? Halloween was a day where one dressed as something out of the ordinary. The quintet were already 'something out of the ordinary' so they simply just had to be themselves. Freely, and their guests would not suspect a thing. As it was the one performer's day off it was also the one supernatural entity's day off.

That being said with one gloved hand on the broad shoulder of her partner and the other in his, also gloved, hand the nature guardian looked all the more natural sashaying with Richard. Both quite happy in each other's company. Just as content as Samantha was watching the pair no doubt. She was quite pleased that her uncle and Sakura were getting along so well. More freely at that.

So into the heart-warming scene she was that SHE was surprised by the Christopher's head servant's hand on her shoulder, enough so that she gasped! "Henry!", she exclaimed in her refined tone of voice as quietly as she was able to as she turned to the dark haired man with the eye patch. "You gave me a near start...what is it? Is it time?"

Henry gave a nod of his head as he released his mistress's shoulder. "My apologies my lady. I was just about to say that we were about to set off the fireworks as promised. Shall I give the call?" Samantha released a breathless sigh and gave a nod, ushering Henry to do so before the man made his way to the balustrade to snap his fingers for the cue.

Following this the fireworks show began. Small and simple at first, then increasingly large and more elaborately beautiful. It caused all to stop in their tracks to view the magnificent finale to the Halloween party. Gasps and cries of delight following each other in succession. Sakura clapped her hands in pleasure at the sight as Richard draped his arm across her bare shoulders to give shelter from the cold.

An appreciative gesture for certain as she leaned into him. Making for a great result in Samantha's eyes. Hikaru seemed quite pleased as well as she looked back to her great granddaughter briefly from the fireworks. Fireworks she had rarely had the pleasure of witnessing back in her day. Or at least not ones such as these.

And as she turned her attention back to those fireworks she prayed for more experiences like this for all of them. Especially with the holiday season approaching ever so closer. It would make for a great end to the eventful year and be a great start to the new year to come.