Buy Casey J Krol a coffee


Hey 👋

I've created this page for those that would like to support or show their appreciation for the work I do at Truth About Fluoride.

At first I thought this would be a cool way of helping me pay for a few things here and there. But as I keep getting 1 supporter after another, I'd have to say the best part is knowing I have real people supporting and standing alongside me.

Now let's expose the truth about fluoride together 👊

- Casey J Krol


Up until this point, I've invested my own money to test 300+ teas, 33+ water filters, 200+ coffees, 33+ kombuchas, and many brands of bottled water. 

But since I'm from Canada, there are many US brands I've yet to test and now I'd like to head down to the USA and test 100's if not 1000's of products for fluoride (tea, baby food, water filters, coffee, bottled water, and much more). 

And give the great people of the USA the truth they deserve (don't worry England and Australia, you're next). 

So thanks for all the support!