I AM an Independent Artist

Jul 03, 2021

I am sooooo happy to announce:

My first official single is coming out!

"Today feels like yesterday"
by CaseyMusic

As of 1.7.2021 Casey is officially
"An independent artist"

BUT I am not alone on this journey. I am very blessed with many people who have been following along and have been kind and supportive. I have met a handful of people along the way to collaborate with and I am very proud to know them. (read all about them on the website, I'll talk more about them along the way.) But I do want to thank Tim J Howarth here. Over the past few months, he has become a dear friend and we are also working on an album together (2022) and he is Mixing and Mastering the tracks for my debut album #neverthesame - What do you see?


​​"It has been a ride - RIGHT?!
Well, it's been a ride for me and a hell of a wait for a lot of people who know me and have been following me. But the wait is over and the ride just got more interesting"

If you're new here - I invite you to get on board "A songwriter's journey".


Well, for a long time I held on to the past. Situations, words, moments, people even things.
I wrote this song a long time ago but I think I actually only just started to stand on the other side of the lesson.

*Learning to let go
*Learning to not fight to prove who you are to those who simply can't see you as you are
*Learning to accept that many never will and possibly only a very few will ever really know you *Learning that when you know who you are, nobody can tell you who you are or who you're not.

It the best feeling in the world when Today no longer feels like yesterday.

To know your own worth and to not have to be held back by the drama in being misunderstood.

Hope this song can give you strength and help you build the belief that you can and will get through whatever you are struggling with.

It might take you "some days" though... Just keep trying, don't give up!

Pre-order on iTunes and AppleMusic - Thursday 15.7.2021 

*RELEASE DATE - Monday 16.8.2021
*to more than 150 online platforms/stores

Label: CaseyMusic 
Mixed and mastered by: Tim J Howarth
Primary Genre: Singer/Songwriter 
Secondary Genre: (Dream) Pop 
Language: English



Read all about it on my official website:
"You read it from me first"


Hope you tune in and have a listen, let me know how it makes you feel.



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