Many don't get the honor

Aug 22, 2021

For this Monday's Release on YouTube, I chose to release the song "I'll just be getting older than". One of many of my songs on the subject of getting older. Too often I feel like older people are there to bring younger people down on getting older. As if it is the last thing you want to do. And when a youngster defends himself saying: "Well I'm gonna go for... or I want to become", they are almost WARNED that things might not go as they hope they might.

I'll just be getting older than is just a revision of that moment, what goes through my mind when I am warned yet again. First, the unbelief - it shouldn't be this way and that it should be different (or I feel that way anyway I do wonder if any of you relate?), and then the realization that in feeling this way I can make sure that I do better.

I hope to push youngsters to go after their dreams, but just the same I do hope to push people older than me to go for them too.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow and have a listen but first - a poem

Many don't get the honor

We look forward 
we all have goals and hopes 
and dreams.

And as life
seemingly seems to short to have
em all come true
we often seem
to stop smack down in the middle
under the idea
of being too old.

Well, some of us are
too short to get into 
their favorite attraction.
They don’t have enough money
to get that degree 
They are too young

to go to that party
and too old too… 

But what is old
if not that you’ve been getting older
since the day that you were born

Aren’t we all 
old to someone
a lot younger
growing old

It should be a goal
and it really is
many don’t get the honor 

so please be kind 
to yourself first
and then to every other

You are old
and that is fine
I’ll get there to

Just remember

I’m am only younger 
to you

© CaseyMusic

I DREAM of making a bundle one day. With your help and support and choices, we can work towards achieving that dream.

Ah the crispy sound of a brand new book. The smell and touch of grainy recycled brown pages... A hard cover, made/ready to be judged.

Mm, maybe you can help direct me here to a creator who might help bring the poems to life with drawings and help design the cover... Or do you want to collab?!

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