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Genuinely professional gamblers are rare, but my experience proves it is possible. Many more have the expertise to consistently make a profit but prefer to keep their gambling as a side income to their main job. That was me for the decade before turning professional. It wasn’t a decision taken lightly. It required building a decent bankroll – equivalent to one year’s living expenses.

Before leaving my normal job, I needed to prove to myself that I could win regularly and systematically over the course of a year, working part-time. Half the hours of my full-time job, to make half my wage.

⌚️In addition to working 40 hours, I would set aside 20 for betting ⌚️

A weekly schedule mapped out around live sport. Since turning pro, the number might range from 40 to 50 hours, but the planning still applies. It is really important to stick to the hours. You need to preserve energy and brainpower, so don’t move onto an unplanned extra event because you’ve had a winning day or chase losses. Of course, NEVER chase losses.

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