Howdy Peaches! Realized that I never did give an update on what all I got up to, media-wise, in August! So, here we go~

"Knives Out" - ... yes, again, I love this movie.
"Singin' In The Rain" - watched it on a Zoom date, it was so fun to finally re-watch it after all these years!

"One Piece" - I've gotten to episode 25 I believe? Somewhere around there. Household has been virtually watching it with some friends! I wanna cosplay Luffy, ngl
"American Ninja Warriors" - I love this show on Netflix, it's gotten kinda 'pro-wrestler-y' and it's GREAT

Games Played:
"Kingdom Hearts III" - replaying this game again! I LOVE the combat style, might even replay the whole series
"Don't Starve: Together" - okay I didn't play it, but I did watch Nessa & Cecil play! I LOVE watching people play DS and I do enjoy playing it myself!

"Dracula" by Braham Stoker - read this book back in like, jr high, so I've read it before! Trying to reignite my love of reading by re-reading books I already enjoy!

"Hello From The Hallowoods" - ngl, I listened to a little bit ages ago and then got too busy, so I'm restarting it! Just in time for Halloween~

YouTube channels I've binged:
Let's Game It Out - I love to watch him do ridiculous things in video games! Especially the food simulators
SortedFood - I LOVE food YouTube, I watch way too much, but SortedFood is one I watch every time they upload
Company Man - I also am a sucker for edutainment, he has a super nice voice!
Jesse Cox - I primarily watch his horror let's plays, that or Bioshock Infinite!
Watcher's "Puppet History" - ngl, I'd love to be in something like this someday haha

Media I've worked on:
Jar of Rebuke
Another Morning in Aelmere
Nexilis: Clocked In
Georgie Romero is Done For
Halloween "Call of Cthulhu" charity stream I'll be a guest on!
Recorded lines for a podcast I can't announce quite yet~ soon, though!

That's about it for now! I'll give another update next month with stuff I consume & enjoy and what I suggest for you all!