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The universe is among us (A free fantasy ...

The universe is among us (A free fantasy short story you can read online)

Jul 08, 2021

Hey folks! Inspired by the cosmic theme, I decided to write a short story of an alien living on Earth for thousands of years. He looks at humanity, and he is not always able to understand it.

The universe is among us.

Thunderclouds filled the sky. As if ancient forces had long slept, they awoke and took their place in the sky. The first drops hit the glass of my cabin with sparks, making sensors and devices blink with different lights. The dashboard of my spaceship raged like a hurricane with various indications and information.

Hitting the soft armrest of the pilot’s seat, my voice softly whispered,

“Why, why can’t I still leave this planet?”

“You know the answers to your questions.” An inner voice sounded in my head.

I’m not born on this planet. Earth is not my home. Andromeda is waiting for me. So why am I still here? Answer me, logic, if you are so wise.”

Long lightning, charged with the anger of nature, gradually covered the sky. The rain was ready to turn into hail. And my mind told me it was worth turning on energy shields. But the mind is logic, but now feelings have overcome me. Turning in my chair, I checked the space maps and calmed down. The ship’s course is still from Antarctica to Andromeda. It’s convenient and comfortable, just through one portal on Jupiter.

“You don’t need Khor there.” My feelings and mind said at the same time.

“Of course, you don’t need to. It’s better to stay here among those who don’t believe in wisdom, who deny history and believe that they are always right.”

“No, all this is only part of humanity. Others care for trees, believe in ancestral history and magic, build cities full of flowers. They think, not follow.”

“There are few among them, my lovely logic.”

“There are a few of them because you didn’t explain it to them. You didn’t show the power of nature and faith in magic. You didn’t give them the keys to life. Didn’t change their path. You can argue as much as you want with me, prove that they are destroyers and a lost planet. But what did you do for them? What did you teach them?”

Fingers quietly pounded on the engine settings and the ship’s control panel. I found a smile on my face. For the first time, I could understand that not only feelings but also logic can live in peace with me. This means they will learn.

I’m just a stranger who will now ask questions. Everyone on this planet should answer them.

Short stories are also in my book.

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