Buy Cassia a camera


Hi! My name is Cássia! I'm currently majoring in Línguas, Literaturas e Culturas (Languages, Literature and Cultures) with special focus on Portuguese and German.
I'm here because I want to help non native Portuguese speakers with their academic projects. I am willing to revise and edit them! You don't have to pay me but it would be appreaciated! Currently I'm trying to save up to buy an analog camera and also to pay for my college tuition next year so this would really help!
There's also a link to my website in which I will (hopefully sooner than later) share some of my writing in portuguese if you're interested in that.
If you do want to pay but you want to spend less than 5 euros definitely contact me!

My email is [email protected]. You can reach me there!
Thank you! <3>