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Aug 01, 2021

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How can you be more present today? Grab your journal, take a moment to reflect and write about the ways you want to show up for yourself today. How will you be present for and with yourself today? In what area of your life are you not showing up for yourself?  

We tend to put others first while down playing our own needs and wants, and when we do this it can create frustration and even anger. But what and why are we really upset or frustrated?

Because we've disappointed our inner child and they are letting us know they are not happy. This is our clue to turn inward to care for and comfort the child within us. When we abandon ourselves, we feel it at our core. We feel the disappointment, the hurt, the abandonment deep within us, and our inner child is crying out for us to come home and comfort them.

How do you comfort your inner child? You simply sit with yourself in a quiet space placing one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach. This helps to regulate the body. Then you can say to them, "I am here now and you are safe." and you can ask them why they are so angry or what is frustrating them.

If you sit with this for a few minutes, something will come up for you. Don't be surprised if you become emotional or the tears flow, it is quite natural. The key is to become aware of how and when you are abandoning yourself and to comfort the inner child. You will want to reassure them that you are there for them, they are loved and they are safe.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

In Gratitude,

Cassie Burton - [email protected]

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