Cassie Francis

Can't Get Over the Lies

Apr 30, 2023

She thought she could say anything to me. It's crazy. She doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does. How could she ever think it was okay to yell at me?

People give up on people too easily. They treat me like trash and don't even give me a chance. Some might stick around, but they always end up leaving again.


I think I made it to 4K on Nano. And now I'm wondering about word count. The word count is okay, but I may not do Nanowrimo again. I'm not sure. Nano does motivate me usually. But not this month. I only count words during Nano. And most of the mini-book wasn't written during Nano. So why am I doing it?

It motivates me to write, but not for this book. Oh, dear.

Yes, this is supposed to be public.

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