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Aug 01, 2023

I hate the formatting here. Just FYI.

I haven't been here because everything is changing to a new name. After all, everyone hates me now. Well, they aren't thinking about me, so there is no real hate from most.

The lawyer for Lori Vallow said that Lori was currently the most hated woman in America.


I'm not thinking about her. Lori is constantly in the mind of people who loved and even just knew the victims. But the average person isn't thinking about Lori Vallow. People are tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. What she did isn't entertaining like a Housewives show. There isn't any escapism (for most) in what happened to Tammy Daybell, JJ, and Tylee.

I was supposed to finish a lot today but was sick yesterday. I had an allergic reaction to smoke. I read about a fire 10 minutes away. Would a fire from that far away get into my house and make it so I can't see? I find that hard to believe, but I don't want it to be a neighbor starting a fire because it will probably happen again.

I did get to rest. I was forced to rest yesterday. Now I'm trying not to feel behind. I will go back to my full-time job tomorrow.

I have a lot of business to do with my freelancing stuff. I might get rid of my business and just freelance. I'm not sure how that will look. I still have to pay taxes, but I might remove my website. That will only save me a little money.

Writing? Who has time for that? If I enjoyed writing more, I would do it more. Recently I've been coloring when I want to relax. Writing is working for me. I work too much. I'm not going to force myself to do something not enjoyable when I do that all the time.

A writing plan will come one day in a locked post.

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