Apr 30, 2023

Can't Get Over the Lies

She thought she could say anything to me. It's crazy. She doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does. How could she ever think it was okay to yell at me?People give up on people too easily. They treat me like trash and don't even give me a chance. Some might stick around, but they always end up leaving again.Typical.I think I made it to 4K on Nano. And now I'm wondering about word count. The word count is okay, but I may not do Nanowrimo again. I'm not sure. Nano... more

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Apr 11, 2023

I missed yesterday
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Apr 03, 2023

Day 2 of Camp Nano & Book update

Apr 02, 2023

Nothing to see here

Not going to lock this. 1st day of Camp Nano. I only wrote 130 words. Got a lot of work done, though. I'm supposed to run errands tomorrow, but I have a package from FedEx coming (vitamins). My stuff has been stolen before so.................I will post some of my Nano stuff here. Too tired to edit.

Nov 30, 2022


I got angry for the first time in weeks!! Not angry now. Tired. I'm still here. I'm working too much. That's probably why everything feels off.NaNo total as of 11/29/22 - 12,142I'm also more irritable. I guess I don't like people telling me I have to work overtime. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. But Wednesdays are almost always my worst day of the week.New items under extras. Be back... more

Nov 24, 2022

Nano update

I've been writing every day. But I haven't been doing updates on Twitter or here. I have over 9K words written, so I don't see why I can't make it to 10K by the end of November. I haven't written anything today. I have a freelance writing assignment due tonight, so I will work on that and, if I have time, write for Nano. I have a few essays I want to write about for the book. I'm considering putting the book just on Amazon. But other indie writers say many people... more

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