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Manual and Movement Therapist. Helping you help yourself, by creating sustainable health habits and programs that work for you. I bring clarity to the seemingly complicated.

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by.

While I am grateful to be helping people who are in pain, injured, or who are confused about what to do with their health, and letting people pick my brain about these things, I cannot keep spending my time on this for free.

People like asking me for a coffee or call me to talk about an issue and I would help them solve their problems, which is great, however they never come back as a client because their problems would be solved. And well, I don't get compensated for my expertise or time. This is me trying to find a way to have all of us benefit!

If you would like to support me as I help people, or if I've helped you before, please do buy me a coffee or two. It is much appreciated.