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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me some cat treats!

I've struggled a long time if I should create such an account or not. But I have the feeling that it could boost my creativity. I have lots of things planned. There are so many things I want to work on. I attended a lampworking course in 2011. After a few months I bouth everything I needed in order to create my own beads at home. In 2015 I almost gave up lampworking. In 2017 I received a small DLP resin printer that I backed on Kickstarter. I created lots of test prints and tried various resins. It took me over 5 years to buy all the equipment needed so I could finally start casting. So my plans are to pick up lampworking again and create my own jewelry designs that I will print in resin and then cast in silver, or steel. I'm learning to use Fusion 360° at the moment, which is lots of fun once you get the hang of it.

Besides lampworking and jewelry I also love to create projects using my 3D printers combining them with other crafts. In the video you can see how I created a handbag using 3D printed parts in combination with knitting.                      

Please click on „posts“ to see my projects in progress.