So here I am in front of an empty page. I've never been very creative when it comes to writing. As I already wrote in my intro it took me really a long time to get this up and hopefully running.

Today a had an electrician at home that checked if it is safe enough to use my new burnout furnace. Over a year ago I was already experimenting with casting jewelry test pieces. I was using a cheep burnout furnace which I thought would do the job. When I burned out and preheated my first two muffles I recognized that the light in the room was flickering. Prior to casting I had already ran a resin burn out test which worked fine. When I tried to take the muffle out of the furnace in order to cast my first muffle I got electrocuted. There were two muffles in the furnace. So it happened twice. Of course the castings didn't work properly afterwards. Due to the current I got in touch before I was totally shaky. After that threatening experience I thought about giving up on the whole project of creating jewelry. I gave away the furnace as it seemed to be faulty. In the meantime I have a used professional dental burnout furnace. So what still held me back from getting creative and productive again was that I had some some health issues. Luckily I was able to recover. Hopefully it stays that way!

This video shows what it looks like when a castable resin burns out. Some puff and some melt away like honey. In the end there shouldn't be any ash left on the foil.