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Good News! Yay!

Good News! Yay!

Dec 03, 2020

Omg not a rejection for once! Hooray!!

I've been accepted into the next cohort at Shine Bootcamp!
They train women and non-binary people who don't have speaking experience for 8 weeks to cultivate speaker presence, experience, and materials.

I believe training in public speaking would help the efforts to bring to light how several aspects of the tech industry are broken. It'll help me learn, help us grow, and I hope it will make a dent in the damage done by the tech brocracy.

I will be applying for a scholarship, but I needed to secure my seat in the program, so I utilized the funds that you all have graciously donated here to pay for the first month!

Thank you all for your continuous support!!
I will do my best to encourage and facilitate a new era in tech-- one that is more fair, just, and truly diverse.

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