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Hey hey it's a day.

Hey hey it's a day.

Oct 01, 2022

This last week has seen some forward momentum in [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] - finally!
Two things kicked me into gear during the week; the first, my lovely editor and long time friend came over for a visit and to spend birthday vouchers at Writers Plot Bookshop. She very gently asked how [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] was coming and mentioned she hadn't heard from me in a while re-writing.
It's true. I've been struggling to write. Lot's of reasons involved.
Apparently, that did the trick and I bashed out a few thousand words and moved a heap of notes out of the WIP. I took what I wanted, kept the rest in a different file, because I might want some. more later.
Then on Friday another long time friend came into the bookshop asking for [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot], she had in fact jumped [Leave a message] so there was a sale there. :) But the fact that she came in asking spurred me on. We also had a fun conversation whereby another author met his demise ... because sometimes that's the kind of therapy writers need. It was all in good fun. I'm not actually going to rig a trip wire across the shop connected to an IED, then invite him out.

Anyway, we are now over half way with the new book. Friday was a 3k day. Not bad going considering the state of my stuffed wrist. (I've been referred back to the surgeon, urgently, so probably mid-next year then.)
Yesterday I played around a bit with the story and off it went again. So yay. Whatever was in my way has gone.
There is a good chance that I will complete this in 9 weeks. But whether I get it into a fit state for my editor in that time, who knows? :)
Writing is fun again. That's what matters right now.
Okay, sales would be fantastic, and pretty darn helpful as Christmas approaches. Apparently we can't have everything. :)

Huge thank you to the wonderful souls who have bought me a coffee! (Kat and Jason, you're champions!)

Back to the WIP for me. Hope you're all well.

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