Buy Catherine Gladwyn a bit less stress


Hey 👋

Well, here’s a funny thing. I made this page when I found out my fourth tumour had grown and that I would be needing surgery for the third time. That surgery happened in June 2021. A few days after; the surgeon said a post op MRI had shown another mass, they wanted to go in there and then to see what it was and get it out, but I was too bloody tired and in pain to deal with that - read about what it was like post op here:

Anyway, long story short it was yet another tumour and I seem to grow the blighters fast, so they needed to get in asap.

As you’ll know asap during a pandemic means as soon as a bed becomes available, so there was a little wait and a couple of cancellations, but on January 12th 2022 I went in for another ten hour operation and they had a dig around.

They definitely got something out and the recovery is a lot less painful this time - which is so much easier on the mind as well.

I thought I’d also let you know that in August 2021 we were told they’ll never be able to get it all out, that I have a high metastatic rate (it grows fast) and that this tumour will be life limiting. There’s nothing they can do to change that. There’s no white paper on my situation and it’s all about making life comfortable and attempting to prolong the inevitable.

I’m not sad - I do get sad sometimes about the things I’ll miss - but do you know what? We’re all heading the same way I’ll just be there before some of you - possibly

Before you go, I just wanted to acknowledge and share my surprise that people keep finding this page and donating. I can’t quite believe it. I am so incredibly grateful and find your kindness beyond words. Thank you.

I wanted to let you know some of the things I have bought with the money:

A top of the range wheelchair (should’ve been £3000, got it for £300)

Lasting Power of Attorney’s (£600 for those then the registration fees of about £170)

Headboard (so I can sit up comfortably in bed as I am in it most of the time. £545)

Eye masks (I get horrid headaches / pain behind the eyes and these provide relief - I buy these regularly as I use at least one a day)

Audible credits (I can’t read text for very long and who wants to with a migraine?)

Petrol (For my other half to visit me every day when I was in (20 days in total) and we have endless hospital appointments with various people, my care is in Bristol which is 40+ miles away)

Anyway, that’s me - how are you?


My websites are below if you wanted to find out more about me away from the tumours and Addison's disease - I don't let them define me.

Much love and thanks for being here.

Catherine x