Buy Catherine Gladwyn a bit less stress


Hey 👋

** Update... I had my surgery you can read a bit about the experience here: **

I've just been told I am going in for some more neurosurgery, radiotherapy and for the first time, chemotherapy, to remove my fourth pituitary (base of brain) tumour.

I've done everything I can to ensure I have enough savings and that my business is sustainable, but it's still hard not knowing what the outcome of this latest round of surgery will be.

I've been told I could go blind and the business isn't quite ready for that.

Surgery last time meant a four month recovery and it's likely it'll be that or longer this time as my body gets weaker every time and I also have Addison's disease (I'm a bit of a sicknote, right?).

Recovery is quite arduous. Reading just a line in a book is enormously tiring and so I resorted to audio books last time so I thought it'd be fun to make this page 'buy me an audio book' but realistically I'll use any donations to pay any bills that aren't covered when I can't work and while my other half is on reduced income because of furlough.

I'm just being prepared.

My website is below if you wanted to find out more about me away from the tumours and Addison's disease - I don't let them define me.

Much love and thanks for being here.

Catherine x