Uhuh, men with pituitary tumours (what I keep growing) can sometimes produce milk from their breasts as one of their symptoms.

How hard must that be for some of them to discuss with a loved one or GP?

What must go through their mind?

It's not normal for them to produce milk, is it?

But that's the thing.

If something isn't normal for you then that's when you need to phone your GP / consultant and say 'LOOK AT ME'.

I battled for well over a year back in 2011 when I first knew something wasn't right. My memory was going, my eyesight was going, my periods had gone (I was 34) and other stuff, but like I say, my memory was going and I can't remember all of it unless you give me a week of thinking 🤣

I was told - by the most patronising female doctor EVER - that 'you're a little bit stressed, love'.

'No, 'LOVE' I've just approached a roundabout in my car and had no bloody idea which way to go round it - SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT'.

We know what our normal is and when that changes please, don't be afraid to keep asking for help in whatever form that is.

And also, if you're not happy with the treatment you receive, know you can change your GP and also change what hospital you go to. I chose an NHS hospital 45 minutes away as opposed to the one 7 minutes away so I had better care. You deserve the best too.

Oh, btw we've (you and me) almost reached the new target of £2.5k ... we're at £2080! WTAF. You lot are amazing. Thank you.

Much love, Catherine x