If I don't use your generous donations when the time comes for me to be horizontal for a while, I want you to know that I will be in touch to offer you a refund or ask if you'd like the money donated to The Pituitary Foundation.

I genuinely thought I'd raise maybe a couple of tenners so having to up my target for a third time is mental (well, I don't 'have' to but it says you should in the 'tips' and I always do as I am told, right?).

Now, a couple of people close to me have asked how I knew it was back, so I thought I'd share that in the hope it;

1) answers your question if you were wondering the same

2) raises awareness

So, first of all you get to choose which is true...

I knew it was back because:

a) I have an xray machine above my bedroom door and scan my head every morning as I go to my office to see if it's regrown.

b) my consultant gets me to have blood tests and an MRI every three months because my tumour has a high (insert word here I never remember that means I reproduce cells quickly)

However, I kinda knew it was back before the latest round of blood tests and MRI because of some tell tale signs I am used to, namely:

  • My hair started falling out in clumps every time I washed it - this isn't my ongoing normal

  • I'm forgetting words more regularly

  • I'm fatigued constantly as opposed to a couple of days a month

  • I have no energy to exercise after months of doing something every few days

  • My glasses no longer make vision clear

Now, if you've got any of these symptoms it doesn't mean something is wrong. But, if it's not your normal and it's been going on for a few weeks then it could be worth getting in touch with your GP to see what they can do to help. Often, there's a quick fix with some tablets but sometimes it needs some more experts to take a look. Whatever it is, just make sure you get on that phone today because the sooner action is taken the sooner you can get back to normal.

While you're here, take a look at the list of symptoms pituitary tumours can cause >> https://www.pituitary.org.uk/information/symptoms,-diagnosis-and-tests/symptoms/

Much love and thank you again for your ongoing support.

Catherine x