When I was first told the tumour had come back and that this time the surgery would be more intense, followed by radiotherapy and then potentially some chemo drugs too I have to admit I went through a very tiny period of thinking 'F*** it, there's nothing to look forward to now so I'm just going to eat myself stupid'.

But, after two days of doing that I found my sleep was poor and my mind felt enormous guilt for not being kind to the machine that keeps me going - my body.

Now, nothing I do will stop these tumours growing, nothing (yes, I've had horrid people try and sell me juices and crap like that). But, I can look after my body so that it's as well as possible going in to, and coming out of, surgery and 'hopefully' aid my recovery.

But, I needed help with that mindset and I wanted to share with you something someone said to me to get me there...

'If Anthony Joshua* has a fight coming up what does he do? He trains and eats well and then when he's in the ring he fights back.

What happens when he stops training and eating well?

He can't fight.

What happens when he stops fighting?

He loses.'

So, I do have something to look forward to - it's a fight and I'm going to be prepared.

And in my kitchen I now have this 👇🏼 on my noticeboard to keep me motivated.

*The person who gave me this analogy used Conor McGregor, but I choose Anthony Joshua as my alter ego. What about you?

Much love

Catherine x