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Hey you! I'm building some awesome projects to help people start their career in programming. I'll put every donation back into these projects - promise!

Check out my biggest most exciting project here - a web app that contains everything you need to ace the coding interview. You'll be able to learn data structures & algorithms in proven-to-work Duolingo-style lessons, practice for coding questions with hundreds of fun algorithm questions, and prepare by answering real coding interview questions from big companies like Google and Amazon. All in one fun & probably way too addictive UI. Oh and it's free. For realsies.

I have a couple of other projects being released soon, so check my Twitter for updates on those!

My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible start their journey in tech. It's a difficult industry to get into, I think we can all agree on that. But it changed my life and I know I can help others change theirs too. 


Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.

You’ve helped me build so much confidence in such a short time and I really appreciate it! Thank you Cat!