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G'day, we're Caroline and Craig Makepeace, passionate self-appointed Raleigh Ambassadors.

We could have chosen to live anywhere in the world, and chose Raleigh, North Carolina!

After living in 5 countries (including our own beautiful Australia) and traveling through over 50 we KNOW what makes a city great. 

Raleigh is SPECIAL. And we love taking all we've learned about travel and connecting to cities, combined with twelve years of successful travel blogging, to create

We've helped thousands around the world discover the wonders of Raleigh, empowered them to move here, giving visitors to Raleigh inspirations and tips to have a great time, and helped locals reconnect with and fall in love with this great city we call home.

And we've helped bring many new clients and visitors to local businesses in Raleigh, the Triangle, and within the drive market of Wake County.

Our content is completely free, yet takes days to create, and we do it with authenticity, authority, and a passion for inspiring and helping.

If you love what we're doing, we hope you'll consider supporting our work - for just the cost of a cup of coffee - especially if we've helped you save time or money or find ways to brighten your Raleigh life and experience.

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We plan on creating a cool community around This is Raleigh and will soon offer various supporter membership offers. 

Stay tuned for that. 

In the meantime, y'all know we love coffee (and beer, wine, and cocktails!!), and we'll be sure to shout you out for it!