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Thank you so much for being a fan and supporting the show with your viewership. We created this page as a way for you to show your appreciation! You can now buy us a bowl of cereal and as we eat our cereal live on air and give you a special thank you for helping out!

We will also be posting exclusive content here as another way to thank you for your generousity!

And there came a day, unlike any other day when the question was asked: "Wouldn't be cool to get all your friends together on Saturday morning, eat big bowls of cereal and talk about cool pop culture stuff?"

The answer was yes, and the Back of the Cereal Box podcast was born!

We are about fun; recapturing the fun of the Saturday mornings of our youth while surviving adulthood today. The show is FUN. We eat breakfast cereal on the air and wear our pajamas, and talk about the fun stuff we were originally exposed to reading the back of the cereal box on Saturday mornings between cartoons, pro-wrestling, and kung-fu and Godzilla movies! 

It's 100% non-toxic and the only podcast fortified with 8 essential vitamins and minerals!

Let's open the box and see what's inside...

2022 Goals
Ready to take on new challenges and adventures, we have five main goals for 2022:

1. The Cereal Box network on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify and in the summer of 2021 launch our own streaming channel on Roku and Apple TV platforms! 

2. To further promote Cereal Box Comix which publishes the League of Impossibilists comic series and Wytches and Wyrmholes web comic as well as find and promote other artists and web comic projects that align to the network's mission.

3. Continue to upgrade and maintain studio equipment to provide the best sound and audio production possible, and distribute across as many platforms as possible!

4. Convention guesting as a podcast/artists/panelists at least 12 conventions in 2022, including C2E2, GenCon, Superman Celebration, Star Wars Celebration and DragonCon!

5. Pay our creators for their time and talent. Right now, creators have the option to secure direct sponsorship for their shows, but we want to remove some of that burden and offer them direct compensation from the network!