There are a few things that I wish I was told a student pilot. These words of advice probably would have made my student pilot experience a lot better or would have made my overall flight school journey easier.

Choose a flight school that matches you. As a student pilot you’re spending a great deal of money for your training. It’s prudent to find a school that fits your personality and goals. So take some time to research what ever school you’ll be attending and determine whether it’s a complete fit for it. This may require making a visit, speaking or emailing with alumni, or taking one or two lessons there.

Switch flight instructors when you have to. I can’t stress this enough. If you ever encounter a flight instructor that you don’t mesh well with don’t hesitate to ask for a different instructor. As listed previous we spend a lot of money on flight training. Hence, we should ensure that we have an instructor that we can learn from and tolerate spending an extended amount of time with.

Slow down and have fun. I’ve been guilty of rushing my flight training. Everyone wants to finish their training promptly. However, this should not come at the expense of learning. Our main objective is to learn and become competent pilots. Sometimes this may require slowing things down. Although, we’re in school; flight training should be a fun experience. So if you’re not having fun you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t allow others to scare you. Along my journey every step of the way someone would tell me stories about how difficult flight training was or how challenging a specific course was. Sometimes we have to block out those people and cultivate our own experiences. Don’t allow others to plant fear or doubt in your mind before you’ve even started a course.

Take something from every experience. I can assure that you will have many experiences both good and bad. However, It’s imperative to learn something from every experience no matter how small, large, good or bad it may be.

See the big picture! Many times we get lost in the now and forget about the big picture. Our flight training is an important part of our aviation career but will eventually become a small part of a big story. So don’t get caught up in the challenges that you will face in your training.