Buy Claire Fitzpatrick a coffee


Hey! My name is Claire Fitzpatrick. I’m an award-winning speculative fiction author, and I’d love a coffee! 

A bit about me! 

I’m know for writing body horror, however I love to dabble in science fiction, paranormal, and a touch of fantasy from time to time. But horror and gross goodness is my stuff! 

I won the 2017 Rocky Wood Award for Non-Fiction and Criticism and was awarded the 2021 Rocky Wood Memorial Scholarship for my upcoming collaborative anthology ‘A Vindication of Monsters - Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley.’ My debut collection ‘Metamorphosis’ from IFWG Publishing was hailed as ‘simply heroic.’ 

I sincerely appreciate any support you can offer. I’ll give it all back eventually when I’m rolling in dough. 

PS: I drink jet-fuel-laced coloured carbonated water. And the cheapest dirty bean water from Aldi.